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How Did Holiday Rentals Become a Game Changer in the Hospitality Industry?
How Did Holiday Rentals Become a Game Changer in the Hospitality Industry?

With the effect of the pandemic conditions, the rental villa holiday presents us with a successful face that radically changes the understanding of accommodatio

Kas Beaches 2021 | The Most Beautiful Places to Swim in Kas
Kas Beaches 2021 | The Most Beautiful Places to Swim in Kas

Kaş beaches are one of the holiday resorts with the clearest sea in Turkey! Where are the places to swim in Kaş? Everything about Kaş bays and Kaş beach!


Rental Villas

We know that you want to get rid of the busyness you have experienced all year with a great plan when the holiday comes and you do not want to get tired from dealing with anything negative. As the Tatil Ne Kolay family, we work to ensure that you do not encounter any bad surprises while planning your holiday, with our understanding, reliable approach that puts your happiness in the foreground, meeting the criteria you are looking for.

You don't have to worry about your holiday with the Tatil Ne Kolay team, which is ready to help you reach the holiday of your dreams even more easily with the villa rental method, which is one of the rising trends of recent years. Thanks to the fact that we make reliability a principle for ourselves, you will find the return of every information and image you see on our website when you go to our villa. Our website, which has been prepared with a lot of effort and attention, includes photos of our villas you want to see, details of the villas, price plans for various periods and days, as well as information about the regions where our rental summer houses are located, and blog posts about what you can do during your holiday, and important tips for you to spend your holiday more effectively. It is possible to find the option of your dream villa for rent by visiting the pool.

A Private Villa Just For You

As the Tatil Ne Kolay family, one of the first issues we assure you of is that your rental villa holiday is special for you. You will have a holiday experience that will make you feel special, with the holiday villas offered to you by our team, who are trying to make this holiday you come by dreaming of listening to yourself and resting your soul, exactly as you imagined.

A Pool Away From Stranger Eyes

Now imagine, you opening your eyes in the morning in an elegant room that has been carefully prepared and you are watching a wonderful view from your window. Afterward, you go out to the garden to enjoy the clean morning air and warm wind blowing before a delicious breakfast, and there is a large private pool in your garden. If you want to have this wonderful share that our guests who prefer to take a holiday in a villa for rent, can experience every morning, choose the most suitable one for you, your budget, and your dreams from among the beautiful rental villa options we offer you on our website and make a reservation by contacting us.

Villas to Warm Your Heart in Cool Weather

Vacation in a rental villa with a pool is no longer just stuck in the summer months. Now you have the option of a villa with a pool for rent, where you can get away when you want to reward yourself even in cool weather, and where you can go to relax whenever you feel overwhelmed. In addition, thanks to the heated pools of our villas, do not worry about getting cold. It is possible to choose our villas with indoor pools among our rental villas with private pools that you can enjoy by heating as much as you want. In this way, you will be able to spend a wonderful holiday in the comfort of your home. In addition, for our guests who do not want their holiday to be affected by any weather conditions, our villa options with heated pools are waiting for you, our valued guests, on our website.

Holiday Opportunity in Conservative Villas

As the Tatil Ne Kolay family, one of our most important principles is to respond to the requests of our guests from all walks of life and to realize their dreams. Considering our guests who want their holiday villa to be in the category of Islamic villas or conservative villas to have a conservative holiday on the way we set out with this idea, the pools and gardens of our villas, which we have presented to our guests, have been constructed and surrounded so that they are not visible from the environment and prepared for you.

Islamic villas with invisible pools, or in other words conservative villas, are the most preferred villa options for our conservative families, couples planning a honeymoon holiday, and family and friend groups who want to spend a secluded holiday villa.

The Address of Your Dream Honeymoon Vacation

Your wedding rush, which is a busy and stressful period, is over and you want to immerse yourself in the waters of a private pool and relax alone with your loved one? Do you want to crown your honeymoon holiday with honeymoon villas that have been carefully prepared for you? Have you decided to spend a holiday in a villa with a private pool and are you looking for a reliable address for villa rental? The Holiday Ne Kolay family is the address you are looking for. We would like to say that we will try to help you in every way possible so that you can spend this holiday period, which is one of the most important moments for you, during your holiday plan with our team.

You will be able to present yourself the honeymoon holiday of your dreams by choosing the villa that warms your heart the most among the rooms on our site that are carefully prepared for you and your precious spouse, and the honeymoon villas with a very luxurious and stylish jacuzzi or heated indoor pool in the room. Our rental cottage options, which contain the items you may need and are decorated with a beautiful perspective, have stylish architectural structures, and interior and exterior decorations, not only with the jacuzzi, indoor pool, or outdoor pool located in the garden but also with their proximity to the beaches and the center. It also establishes a throne in the hearts of our guests. There are also many activities that you can do during your holiday in our villas located in the most beautiful holiday resorts in Turkey. All you have to do is choose your villa and step into a full holiday.

Pleasant Times With Your Children

While renting detached holiday homes, question marks arise about the smallest members of the family. While you are enjoying your holiday in our special pools that we offer for you, our valued guests, you think about what kind of holiday your little ones will have. As the Tatil Ne Kolay team, we have not forgotten our little ones, and we have included many children's pool villas among our villas.

If you are dreaming of a wonderful holiday where you can spend pleasant times with your children, you should take a look at our category of villas with children's pools. The happiness of your children, who are your most valuable assets, is very important for the Tatil Ne Kolay family.

In addition to the children's pool, there are also villas with a small playground, slides, swings, and various games and toys among our villas. In this way, the villa rental holiday will be an unforgettable holiday option for you and your children.

Experience the Comfort of Your Home in Your Immaculate Villa

We try to make you feel at home in our daily or weekly rental villa options and bring the comfort of your home to your holiday. For this reason, we take care of the cleanliness of our rental cottages, and we deliver you an immaculate rental villa. At the same time, our pools are cleaned regularly and everything is prepared for your comfort.

Enjoy the Unique View

Our range of summer rental villas, which are decorated with a wonderful taste and perspective and prepared with your every need in mind, can have an extraordinary sea view where you can feed not only materially but also spiritually, or a wonderful nature view, and sometimes both.

These villas, where you will be satisfied with every shade of blue and green, and you will be filled with peace every time you look out of your windows, invite you to wonderful emotions that will surround you. Please do not forget to take a look at the magnificent views of our villas when you make your villa rental transactions on our website Tatil Ne Kolay for your villa holiday planning, where we aim at your high satisfaction.

The Most Beautiful Villas of Antalya at Your Service

Antalya, one of the most beautiful holiday centers in Turkey, is also the center of rental villa tourism. Although Kaş is the region where rental villa options are concentrated, the Kalkan location of Kaş is indispensable for our holidaymakers with its unique nature and wonderful beaches.

Kas Kalkan, a region where you can easily meet all your needs, our rental villa options come to the fore with its history and nature as well as its bright blue beaches. As the Tatil Ne Kolay family, we offer you, our valued guests, some suggestions on what you can do to make your Kaş holiday even more full on our website. While examining our rental villa options on our site, we recommend you review this aspect as well.

An Unforgettable Holiday Opportunity in Muğla

We know how excited you will be to have a holiday in a private villa in Muğla, this precious city that combines the two most beautiful seas in our country. By renting our villas, which are located a short distance from the magnificent beaches of the Aegean and Mediterranean, you will be able to enjoy both the pool in your private garden and the beaches very close to your villa.

Fascinating its guests with its unique nature, Muğla will be one of the best choices for a villa rental. Our rental summer houses, where you can enjoy your holiday in peace without getting involved in the busy tourist population, are ready to give you a holiday that you will not forget all year. We are waiting for you on our website to review our wonderful villas in various beautiful districts such as Bodrum, Dalaman, Milas, and Fethiye rental villas in Muğla on the Tatil Ne Kolay website and to choose the most suitable summer rental for you and your dreams.

Yalova is Waiting for You with Rental Houses

If you live in or around Istanbul and think that you can't have a great holiday without going too far, you are very wrong. As the Tatil Ne Kolay family, we also thought about our guests with this thought and added conservative rental villa Yalova options to our website. When you dream of a peaceful holiday accompanied by a magnificent nature view, all you have to do is trust the Tatil Ne Kolay team and rent a villa by examining our Yalova rental villa options on our website.

Villa Holiday Option for Every Budget

As the Tatil Ne Kolay family, we dreamed of satisfying our guests from all budgets and all walks of life, appealing to everyone, and offering a villa holiday option suitable for every budget. By working in this direction, we tried to include both luxury rental villa options and cheap private pool rental villa options on our website.

Thinking that everyone has the right to have an unforgettable holiday, if you reach the Tatil Ne Kolay team through our website, you can plan the most wonderful holiday according to your budget, your satisfaction will be kept at the forefront at every moment of this holiday, and also, thanks to the reliable service concept of the Tatil Ne Kolay family, the holiday rentals on our website. We want you to know that the photos of the houses and the details of the rental villas are true to the truth.

Villa prices, which you can view on our website, are written in detail for each of our weekly or daily rental pool villa options, and we assure you that you can get information by consulting us for any problem you may have.

Reliable Address for a Hassle-Free Holiday

We know that you are looking for a vacation rental with the hope of taking a break from your moments of intense stress, exam periods, and all the problems in your job, and enjoying eternal happiness. And that you don't want to run into any problems. That's why, as a team that transparently does its job, we strive to provide you with a reliable service.

We guarantee that you can find a contact person before and after your holiday about the rental villa you will decide by examining on our website. Because here we primarily care about the happiness of our valued guests and we want to be the first team that comes to your mind as a reliable address for you to have a problem-free holiday. We know that the best advertisement will be the satisfaction of our guests.